So since my Facebook album ‘mona kitchen’ has got quite a few likes and comments such as
“Mona, you’re better than Jamie Oliver, xxx”,
“mona make a reciepe book haha mona’s meals”
“Your kitchen looks about as good as my bum.”
I thought I’d start documenting stuff in form of a blog.
  • A full on breakfast

    Brown toast with scrambled egg (no milk, used brown rice milk - ma new thang), organic Scottish smoked salmon, a gherkin, and some side salad.
     Got a 9am lecture so need that energy…

  • Nasi Goreng with asparagus and chery tomatoes

    A very orange dinner! Went to the Asian supermarket in Guildford to buy the some Laksa paste and found one for Nasi Goreng, so I thought I’d make some to take me back to my summer in Singapore. Thought I’d go veggie tonight.

  • Avocado and mozzarella in olive ciabatta with spinach and orange cherry toms

    Slow day at home trying to start and finish my essay. Used my small sandvich toaster to squash this monster down so I could actually bite into it. Melted mozzarella and the taste of balsamic vinegar with the creamy avocado is just the one. 

  • Tranquil week in Hereford

    We spent the last week before going back to university at Ben’s home. Such a relaxed place with so much nature, an amazing country house and two cute dogs and lovely parents.

    We cooked them a broccoli risotto with broccoli pesto and goats cheese. Mainly inspired by the on-going joke that when Ben was little he threw up after eating too much broccoli and that he hates it ever since. At least he enjoyed the dinner so that’s all good! He made the roast parsnips and sweet potato.

    For the broccoli pesto I used raw broccoli with the rest of the ingredients like fresh basil, a bit of garlic, olive oil and so on. Crunchy texture due to the raw broccoli but it went well with the creamy risotto.

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  • Quattro fungi pasta

    Just a simple pasta with onions, a bit of rosemary and the four types of mushrooms all cooked in olive oil in various temperatures. I wanted to make something ‘woody’, with herbs and minimal added taste so that the mushrooms can be tasted individually and as they are.

    Quite an autumn dish I’d say.

  • Delayed post of when we went to Borough Market on our last weekend in London

    Had a lunch with fresh salmon, tuna and scallops. The seared tuna was pretty good! (I know the slices aren’t even, but we were hungry).

    The mushrooms were used for a quattro fungi pasta in the evening.

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  • Breakfast this morning

    Natural yoghurt with a sliced banana, a passion fruit, home-made raspberry jam, drizzle of honey and sprinkled hemp seeds.

    Currently into the fresh teas that I make just by picking leaves from the plant pots I bought. Mint tea this morning!

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  • Tomato and anchovy risotto

    Using The Tomato Stall's passata after simmering and soaking the rice and barley in vegetable broth, it's turned into a comforting tangy tomato flavour. I've only used zucchini, kale and onion for the stock base.

  • Nice morning at Guildford Farmers Market. :)

    Shame it’s only on once a month - so many delicious healthy things that are produced locally. Excited about making fresh mint and lavender tea, and also grow some edible flowers finally! Only £2 for a dozen of fresh and happy eggs, who said good food is more expensive?