So since my Facebook album ‘mona kitchen’ has got quite a few likes and comments such as
“Mona, you’re better than Jamie Oliver, xxx”,
“mona make a reciepe book haha mona’s meals”
“Your kitchen looks about as good as my bum.”
I thought I’d start documenting stuff in form of a blog.
  • Marigold salad with prosciutto roses and avocado

    My first proper use of edible flowers!

    Salad leaves, spinach and beetroot leaves as a base, with avocado, a few cherry tomatoes, marigold and prosciutto ham curled up into flower shapes. Just some olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing, because I wanted to make sure you can taste the citrus flavour of the Marigold.

  • Beetroot, spinach, apple and ginger.

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  • Summer vegetable curry

    Bought all my veg from Chegworth Valley's stall at Borough Market. I used the leaves but not the beetroot itself - I think that it still gave the curry a pink tint! Other vegetables are: aubergine, large white onion, one tomato and 3 small potatoes.

    Oh yeah the wild boar scotch egg was my snack while cooking…

  • My Borough Market goodies from this morning.

    Mainly bought things for my summer curry, but the beetroot was to make some beetroot and ginger smoothie drink! Bought one the other day and it tasted much better than I thought!

    Pâté Moi’s mushroom pate is so creamy and yummy - I remembered trying it over a year ago and regretting not buying it. I’ve tried recreating it since but nahhh, this is the one. Who needs crazy fatty animal pate when you have this?

    Planning to use the Marigold for a colourful salad. Been looking into edible flowers for ages, and hopefully one day I’ll have the space to plant my own.

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  • Back in London! Woke up at 9am and wondered around town and bought some veg at Berwick Street market. Lots of ideas in my head but today I made:

    Baby spinach salad base with chopped cherry tomatoes and steamed zucchini and garlic. Bought this silicon steamer in Japan and it’s so easy to use! Microwaved the chopped zucchini and garlic for 5 minutes for a soft texture and delicious hint of olive oil. Added balsamic vinegar to the whole salad.

    I thought I’d make some tomato ketchup, but instead I ended up with an improvised chunky tomato sauce. Sweet and spicy, went so well with the juicy burger. I’ve added rosemary, a bit of curry powder, lots of black pepper, a spoonful of sugar and soy sauce all to the large tomatoes in the pan. The soy sauce taste in the sauce was perfect for the rice, too.

    Used my new wooden salad bowls from Bali!

  • Tofu & tomato salad

    Replacing the usual mozzarella for a lighter alternative. Still goes well with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 
    For lunch we had chilli prawn pasta with mushrooms. 

  • When mama cooks dinner…

    Takoyaki, edamame, salad with scallops, corn on cob, yakitori, small sweet potatoes.  

  • When my mama cooks… 

    It looks like a lot of food, and we didn’t finish all the sides and nibbles for example, but when you take each dish, none of it is unhealthy. Most of it is just vegetables, with a few fish dishes and then the usual rice and miso soup. A trademark for Japanese food is the seasonality and use of vegetables in various forms. Also, traditional Japanese cuisine often has a lot of small dishes laid out at once, rather than a three-course meal for example. 

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  • キムチ納豆とお味噌汁

    Rice with kimchi and natto (fermented soy beans, literally one of the healthiest things you can eat) and vegetable miso soup.

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