So since my Facebook album ‘mona kitchen’ has got quite a few likes and comments such as
“Mona, you’re better than Jamie Oliver, xxx”,
“mona make a reciepe book haha mona’s meals”
“Your kitchen looks about as good as my bum.”
I thought I’d start documenting stuff in form of a blog.
  • Spinach and ricotta ravioli (not home-made unfortunately, but it was fresh, at least) with a cheese sauce. 

    My perfect cheese sauce recipe is… heating up the cream in a pan together with some chopped garlic, then grate the cheese into the pan (usually I use Cheddar or Edam unless I want to go for specific cheese sauces I suppose), add a splash of soy sauce to add that bit of flavour, and add lots of black pepper, too. 

    Beans, of course, to tick off the healthy part of the meal. 

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